Our Mission is to offer high quality training in permaculture design
To this end we have created a unique Integral Permaculture curriculum which covers all facets required for the transition to a sustainable society, & we teach the underlying science in detail in order to empower people & communities to design effectively for themselves.
You can see what kind of content is part of the curriculum in our free e-book: www.PermaCultureScience.org

We focus on providing online training at many levels, from Introduction to Diploma courses, and support for people to set up transition initiatives wherever the are and benefit their communities while creating their own ethical income, but we also offer on-site courses in various places for people who prefer that. See  http://en.ecoescuelas.net

The Integral Permaculture Academy is a collective of experienced Permaculture designers, social activists & change agents who are designing an international, multi-lingual community together with action-learning / action-research students and all others who are passionate about the need to co-create healthy & sustainable cultures & environments for all species.