Quail Springs Permaculture is a non-profit organization that was established to demonstrate and share sustainable living practices using permaculture ethics and principles as a guideline. Our primary demonstration site is a 450 acre piece of land in a high desert (3,700 foot elevation) arid environment (6″ a year average rainfall) located in the mountains of Southern California.

Our work involves demonstrations in rainwater harvesting, spring rejuvenation, broad scale earthworks, natural building, community development, farming, and more.

Our course offerings include:  Permaculture Design Courses, Natural Building Workshops, Garden and Livestock Apprenticeships, Earthworks, Wild Foods, Blacksmithing, Farm Tours, Beekeeping, Crafting, Sustainable Aid, Earthen Oven Building, Origins Skills, Youth Programs, among other unique offerings.

Our experiential program offerings for all ages weave together holistic approaches toward better understanding our relationships with that which sustains us, and are an integral part of how we develop our demonstration projects.

We also have a Spring, Summer and Fall farm tour program where people from all walks of life come to see our work first hand.

Our current schedule of events, courses and internships can be seen on our website at:


May we all learn to honor that which sustains us.