Gaia Association is a nonprofit association, founded in December 1992. Its founding mission is the promotion of sustainable societies, mainly by creating human settlements based on the practice of Permaculture systems and methods.

The association objectives are clearly stated in the statute:

  1. Work for a new reality vision that takes us to implement new conducts that will not risk the planetary life.
  2. Promote and develop a world in harmony with nature.
  3. Conduct studies and researches over the subject.
  4. Carry out new eco-social models in order to get a society that works with Gaia’s force, that represents the Earth as a living organism.

We are starting with the basis of a human sustainable project. Our purpose is to live simply and in contact with nature, develop small human settlement based on communitarian, ecological and spiritual principles.

We choose the Permaculture principles as the basis for our place’s integral design, in order to make a proper use of the land, energy fluxes, natural building and social and economic community organization.

We honor the small and big life manifestations, in the ecosystems, in relationships and in personal processes. We know that everything is interconnected and that the respect that we have with our habitat and our relationships determines the lifestyle that we are having. We try to manage equilibrium between private space and community life, where we can develop our personal needs and also interact with other’s needs, generating mutual support and collaboration relationships.

We introduce the new technology and the future in order to decrease the planet alteration that our society is generating. What many years ago it was considered as a utopia and idealism, now is a social and ecological emergency. The project aims to be a prototype where interested people could receive training and inspiration to concrete other community initiatives in this country and other places in the world.