Ready to fundraise your PDC expenses? PermaCourses was designed by some of the same folks who created WeTheTrees, the world’s only crowdfunding platfrom built by and for permaculture practitioners!

Screenshot from 2013-10-01 13:58:09 has successfully hosted campaigns by students on three continents to help them take their PDC courses.  It’s easy to post a campaign:

  1. Build your campaign page – Use WeTheTree’s crowdfunding platform and resources to easily get your campaign going.
  2. Promote your campaign – Promote to your networks of friends, family, and supporters to get your campaign funded.
  3. Succeed! – When your campaign is successful, the money will be deposited into your account and you are off to the course!

Create your campaign now!


Some Tips on Crowdfunding on WeTheTrees

  • Campaign Goal – Set an achievable goal that includes as much of your expenses as you believe you can raise. Include travel, tuition, food and accommodation.
  • Promote Your Campaign – This is the most important part of your campaign! You need to promote your campaign to your family, friends, and contacts.  WeTheTrees is where your campaign is hosted, and though you may get some random donations, don’t count on it.  Create an inspiring campaign and get the word out to anyone you think might be willing to support your education.  Parents, Aunts and Uncles, friends, etc.
  • Rewards – Offer to send a postcard thank you from your course for small donations, and offer some permaculture consulting time for larger donations. This can be great for them and continue your learning and practice after the course.  If you do give physical items as rewards, remember to include the cost of them in your campaign budget.
  • Fees – There are fees with WeTheTrees.  Their fees are right in line with the industry standard, which is payment processing fees of around 3.5% and a WeTheTrees platform fee of 5%.  We believe that you will easily get your money’s worth from using their service.

Here are some more resources to easily make a successful PDC Campaign on

For PDC Providers

Are you a PDC teacher or work for PDC provider? Contact WeTheTrees to find out how you can help your students fund their course tuition.