Are you looking to live a more sustainable life?
Become less dependent on big business and supermarkets?
Design a resilient system in the face of growing uncertainties?
Retrofit your house, your community and your life?
Meet like-minded people?

This PDC will equip you with the foundations of permaculture. You will learn permaculture ethics, principles and design, and their application across the domains, so that you can integrate them into all aspects of your life.

Topics include:

  • permaculture ethics and principles
  • ecology and natural cycles
  • weather and climates
  • soils
  • permaculture food growing
  • energy literacy
  • reading the landscape
  • appropriate technology
  • built environment
  • design processes and practices
  • animals in permaculture
  • health and spiritual wellbeing
  • urban retrofitting
  • finance and economics
  • community strategies
The classroom experience will be complemented by field trips to working permaculture farms, homes and gardens including one of the best documented demonstration sites, Melliodora.

You will work on a design project during the course and will be guided by experienced tutors and learn the fundamentals of permaculture to design the world you want.