Permaculture Design Certificate

January 25 – February 12, 2016

P3 Permaculture is thrilled to announce our upcoming Permaculture Design Course
(PDC) this winter in Mexico! In partnership with a family-owned farm, P3 will be
teaching two courses on the Yucatán peninsula: a three-week PDC, followed by a
two-week Hands-on Intensive. We would like to invite you to join us as we seek to
promote the permaculture ethics of Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share, while
learning from a local farm. In addition to the standard PDC material, we will be
learning ancient Yucatecan techniques for farming and food preparation. This will
be an immersion into local culture and way of life.
During the PDC, students learn to observe the natural principles that drive ecological
systems, and how to integrate these principles in designing their lives, homes, and
communities. The PDC follows the internationally recognized curriculum provided
by Bill Mollison, co-originator of the permaculture movement. Cold climate, dry
climate, and humid tropic techniques for design will be covered alongside all other
curriculum materials.
If you are looking to solidify your understanding through hands-on practice, stick
around for the two-week hands-on intensive. Techniques introduced during the
PDC and practiced during the hands-on course will include: food foresting, water
harvesting, climate change adaptation, natural building techniques, drought and
flood-proofing, soil building, and many more!

Hands-on Courses

Dates February 15-February 26, 2016

>> Feb 15-19: Restorative Agriculture
>> Feb 22-26: Off-the-Grid Living

Already have a permaculture design certificate under your belt? Looking to expand your skill set? This advanced, hands-on course is what you’ve been looking for! Perfect for developing your abilities as a designer, this course takes you through the implementation process of a range of permaculture techniques.

Week 1: Restorative Agriculture
>> Supporting Living Soils & the Soil Food Web
>> Water Management
>> Creating Polyculture Food Systems
>> Advanced Compost Techniques
>> Natural Fertilizers
>> Food Forests

Week 2: Off-the-Grid Living
>> Alternative Energy
>> Waste Management Systems: Composting Toilets
>> Water Catchment
>> Natural Building
>> Introduction to Community Governance Structures